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Minato Arisato

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Jan. 1st, 2016

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Jan. 1st, 2016 02:05 pm
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Minato Arisato / Persona User: The Wild Card
"Thou art I, and I am thou..."

The power of Persona comes from the potential and strength of their very soul, and to this extent, the beings that fight alongside them are an extension of themselves. While Persona Users within P3 tended to one build, general skillset and their Initial and Ultimate Personas, the protagonist Minato has the Fool Arcana and the number zero, which he is told symbolizes a journey and infinite possibilities. Because of this, he can summon new Personas and switch between his roster. Essentially, he can tailor himself to match every occasion and balance the rest of his party; so long as he knows what he needs from each one and properly nurtures their abilities. To avoid breaking the game, his cap of Personas is kept at the initial 6 instead of growing further.

Strengths: His customizable moveset is his biggest asset, and while Personas are similar in play with Summoners' Eidolons, they have no cooldown as long as Minato still has the energy to use their skills. Because he can instruct them to charge further ahead, it also gives him some range, while remaining in his line of sight. Using his core Personas' status builds (as done in the PQ spinoff), he has high magic, speed, and luck. And lastly, his closest bonds with others allow him to learn techniques faster, as they grant bonus experience for newly awakened Personas matching their assigned arcana.

Weaknesses: Minato may technically have an expansive skillset, but he cannot use them without their appropriate Persona, and according to their usefulness some moves will need to be specifically trained for like the Bards and Dancers' Customs. Due to lack of access to a Velvet Room, he can only awaken new ones or change them during full moons; and once erased will have to relearn their skills from scratch. Like in his game's mechanics, Minato's Personas' physical moves will use up his HP, and the magical share his MP pool. Generally speaking it's an expensive Job; adding onto this, his physical endurance in defense and HP is rather low. He maintains his signature Personas' darkness weakness no matter what he has equipped, and whichever other vulnerabilities his active Persona has. While attacking his Persona directly won't deplete his HP, managing to damage it enough to dissipate will shock or stun him. And lastly, Crystal Stasis (with the exemption of maxed Social Links) or rockiness in his relationships will also render his bonus inactive. Using Personas may give him a distinct advantage when it comes to flexibility, but he is far from able to do things alone.

InitialZero's PotentialAllows to switch Personas during battle, and to change his mind's roster.
One MonthSkill Card Lv1Unlocks multiple-target moves, in all categories.
Two MonthsTide ShifterCan learn status effect and buff / debuff moves. Single-target on lower levels.
Three MonthsSkill Card Lv2Unlocks mid-tier moves.
Four MonthsPower Charge, Mind ChargeThe strength of the next physical or magical move is multiplied 2.5x. Self only.
Six MonthsSkill Card Lv3Unlocks high-tier moves.
Nine MonthsAlmightyThe Megido line, a powerful multi-target non-elemental magic can be learned.
One YearThe UltimateUnlocks ability to use maxed S. Link Personas, and use Recarm (revival) spells.