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[community profile] melodiesoflife info post

Name: Minato Arisato
Age: 16 (kinda) 17
Gender: Male
Canon: Persona 3
Canon Point: October 7th, 2009
Link to Application: BUUUURN MY BREAAAD
Gil: ~110000 Gils
mp3 player, Minato's Crystal, Kharon's Flute, House Key, HP/SP Potions, Evoker Gun
Home Inventory:
Gekkoukan Uniform, SEES Armband, Warning Card, Dessert Recipe Notebook, Eidolon History Book, Cozy Blanket, Small Kitten Plushie, Hot Chocolate Mixes, Letter from The Queen, Crystal Energy:Electricity Converter

Moogle Name: Kharon
Moogle Gender: Male

A nervous, but thoughtful Moogle with a fluffy face and large, pointed ears. Somewhat clumsy with his words. He read Minato's file up to the end, altering his treatment of him to be more considerate of why he's the way he is. For the most part, the reason Minato went out while he was new to Crystallis was because Kharon forces him to not always stay at home. Their relationship is practically that of someone trying to look out for an elusive stray cat--and the cat is Minato.

Jobs: White Mage, Summoner (as of Feb. 8th, '16)
Limit Break: Messiah - Using his evoker, a sharp sensation and sound pierces through the side of his head when he pulls the trigger. Then, a tall white spirit manifests from the shining shards of Minato's psyche. (Note: He regained his evoker, but previously could use his Limit Break even without it.)
- Dead party members are resurrected into a critical state w/o exhaustion, and it heals Minato himself to half HP with a Sentinel effect. For the next 7 minutes, attacks targeted at other allies will feel painless and hurt Minato instead (also shown by deterioration and cracking of stone on the statue-like spirit figure, group damage will stack); and if he dies, the crumbled remains of Messiah become an outer Reflect barrier, and an inner Shell+Protect buff on each of his allies.
- If no one is dead or Minato is alone, it instead does a high amount of Holy magic damage to all enemies, then disappears.

Link to HMD: Here
Permission List:
backtagging/threadhopping: yEA
fourthwalling: Go ahead! Ideally not the stuff that is super plot sensitive tho.
hugging/kissing/flirting - If you want him to "????" SURE... also he's bi so gender isn't an issue in romantic context.
fighting/injuring/killing - Preferably with discussion first! Probably fair game.


His crystal's appearance is shaped like a butterfly! It has recently become entirely blue, due to his active participation in Crystallis' events.

Arrival Date: Sept. 5th, 2015
# of Jobs Kept: 4
# of Times Died: 0
Current Employment: Healer (next paycheck: 29,000G)
Current Address: B-06
Housemates: Dark Angel Selen, Scrooge McDuck
EXP Orb Saved Months: n/a (not owned)
Guild: n/a

Detailed Job Breakdown: Go here! (Last updated: Feb. EXP)
Character Relationships: And Social Links

Game History:
September 2015
- Arrived in Crystallis, hesitant about serving as a Hero, spent his first weeks lazily and mostly at home.
- Mid-September, Jessie's possession of in-depth character files was revealed. Minato later locks his at Kharon's prompting, though he never reads it.
- Was aware of the repeated ten hours of time looping, following an incident with Jessie's computer.

October 2015
- Actively goes around collecting Spirits' requests and fulfilling them; later on does ghostbusting on the side as well.
- Has an adventure in a Haunted House; and following that celebrated in his own way by buying a lot of food in Flence.
- Confronted a Shifter that took his mother's face and voice and faced off against Cursed Elizabeth during the Night of the Thirteen Moogles.

November 2015
- Helped around the hospital actively throughout November, following the Night of the Thirteen Moogles. Later becomes official.
- Discovered he's terrified of Chocobos. No, really.
- Boarded the Enterprise, for the first journey into the Continent of Ruin and spoke with the Sage, learning death here may destroy their own world.

December 2015
- Participated in the efforts to make the Christmas Village flourish.
- Received a letter and package from Queen Sarah, his contained his evoker gun. He also regained his SEES armband from Cid.
- On New Year, came to properly appreciate the bonds he's made in Crystallis--his friends; and resolves to keep fighting even if the future is uncertain.

January 2016
- Experienced a shared dream, of a timeline where the Heroes fell apart and began fighting each other.
- Babysat a Chocobo during the latter half of the month.
- Started formulating plans to learn the Eidolons' language, doing research on the side.

February & March 2016
- Took part in the quest to climb to the top of the Mysidian Tower.
- Met the avatar Prajapati with several other Heroes of Light after her invitation letter.
- Did work as usual at the hospital, and fell ill a few times more than usual.