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2022-12-31 10:42 pm


NAME: Minato Arisato
CANON: Persona 3

Combat leader of S.E.E.S. 2nd Year, and bearer of the Wild Card ability.

Orphaned several years ago, Minato is a quiet individual seemingly lost into his own world, spacing out, keeping his head down, drowning out his surroundings with his music. When he agrees to help S.E.E.S. (The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad), his school year turns into a double life, of being a normal teenager with normal problems--to facing off against Shadows, and climbing the tower Tartarus in the hidden Dark Hour.
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2022-11-01 10:28 pm
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Name: Eli

Contact Info: [ profile] 173ELI
Timezone: GMT+8
PMing this journal also works

So how's my Minato for you? While a silent protag, I still want to know what you think I can improve on! Am I overdoing the goofier parts of his personality? Is he being too harsh and not showing enough of his adaptive side? Depending on the canon point, you may also have a complaint about how warm or cold he's being. For the record, outside his current game Melodies, he probably defaults to post-character development. c:

If you just feel like buttering me up I won't reject compliments either ahaha///
Feel free to hit me up for plots, whether in-game, on memes, or PSL's, and I'll likely make time for you!

Anon is allowed, Comments are not screened, and there is no IP logging.
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Custom Job

Minato Arisato / Persona User: The Wild Card
"Thou art I, and I am thou..."

The power of Persona comes from the potential and strength of their very soul, and to this extent, the beings that fight alongside them are an extension of themselves. While Persona Users within P3 tended to one build, general skillset and their Initial and Ultimate Personas, the protagonist Minato has the Fool Arcana and the number zero, which he is told symbolizes a journey and infinite possibilities. Because of this, he can summon new Personas and switch between his roster. Essentially, he can tailor himself to match every occasion and balance the rest of his party; so long as he knows what he needs from each one and properly nurtures their abilities. To avoid breaking the game, his cap of Personas is kept at the initial 6 instead of growing further.

Strengths: His customizable moveset is his biggest asset, and while Personas are similar in play with Summoners' Eidolons, they have no cooldown as long as Minato still has the energy to use their skills. Because he can instruct them to charge further ahead, it also gives him some range, while remaining in his line of sight. Using his core Personas' status builds (as done in the PQ spinoff), he has high magic, speed, and luck. And lastly, his closest bonds with others allow him to learn techniques faster, as they grant bonus experience for newly awakened Personas matching their assigned arcana.

Weaknesses: Minato may technically have an expansive skillset, but he cannot use them without their appropriate Persona, and according to their usefulness some moves will need to be specifically trained for like the Bards and Dancers' Customs. Due to lack of access to a Velvet Room, he can only awaken new ones or change them during full moons; and once erased will have to relearn their skills from scratch. Like in his game's mechanics, Minato's Personas' physical moves will use up his HP, and the magical share his MP pool. Generally speaking it's an expensive Job; adding onto this, his physical endurance in defense and HP is rather low. He maintains his signature Personas' darkness weakness no matter what he has equipped, and whichever other vulnerabilities his active Persona has. While attacking his Persona directly won't deplete his HP, managing to damage it enough to dissipate will shock or stun him. And lastly, Crystal Stasis (with the exemption of maxed Social Links) or rockiness in his relationships will also render his bonus inactive. Using Personas may give him a distinct advantage when it comes to flexibility, but he is far from able to do things alone.

InitialZero's PotentialAllows to switch Personas during battle, and to change his mind's roster.
One MonthSkill Card Lv1Unlocks multiple-target moves, in all categories.
Two MonthsTide ShifterCan learn status effect and buff / debuff moves. Single-target on lower levels.
Three MonthsSkill Card Lv2Unlocks mid-tier moves.
Four MonthsPower Charge, Mind ChargeThe strength of the next physical or magical move is multiplied 2.5x. Self only.
Six MonthsSkill Card Lv3Unlocks high-tier moves.
Nine MonthsAlmightyThe Megido line, a powerful multi-target non-elemental magic can be learned.
One YearThe UltimateUnlocks ability to use maxed S. Link Personas, and use Recarm (revival) spells.
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2015-12-25 02:00 am
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mol christmas gifts 2k15

Most these gifts are assumed to have been delivered by Moogles, because he's tsu unwilling to cut in on their busy holiday time, but may be requested to be threaded out! "For you: [Name], From Minato", is all there is on the tag, unless otherwise noted.

Scrooge - A pouch with 500 Gil in it, since he figured straightforward would be the best way to go...
Selen - A brand new kitchen knife from Flence (and a small joke note that maybe they can use this against the ghosts too in future house hauntings).
Zelos - A sorta fancy hairbrush, he's leaving it inside with his boxed belongings, just in case he comes back.

Ace - One hideous Chocobo-print sweater, deceptively comfier than its ridiculous appearance would suggest, courtesy of Kharon's prodding (as much as Minato thought it was a Bad Idea™). His real present can be found folded between it, a plain rectangular box holding its true fancier casting, a deck of Golden Cards. It's supposed to be "As thanks for saving my life", but really he only wrote "Thanks", not even including the from part, in this case--Someone should tell him to stop saving too much ink.
Billy - A new gun holster, after he noticed just how often he carried those things around... Its belt is neatly adjustable.
Rukia - It's a small pink wallet with a bunny design; he thought it would be nice if it was both functional and featured her favorite animal.
Tear - A blue bead bracelet that also has silver and gold star and moon shapes, that he wasn't sure she'd like because it's a bit childish... but he figured its design is sort of calming like she is. "I hope you like it", is all that he adds to the note rather than going on about that relation though. He's not nearly sappy enough to admit things like that.
Terra - A three-piece hairclip set, that have feminine designs like swirls, flower shapes and small gems within them.
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mol knowledge

[ note: This is as he knows them, mistaken information will also be kept here and marked. ]

He's skimmed over most everything in their archives during his spare time, but doesn't have it memorized by heart or anything, so more often his recounting will be the gist instead of detailed.

Heroes of Light:
- They are able to be permanently killed by Avatars (The Sage)
- Being permanently killed within Crystallis might end their own worlds by extension (The Sage)

- Doppelgangers' existence and being reincarnations of previous Heroes of Light (Lydia Deetz)
- Time travel is possible, and has happened on multiple occasions (Other Heroes + Personal Experience)
- There is something bad about a crystal's color that they don't know yet. (The Sage)
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Starting Job:
Sept. 5th, 2015
EXP Tracking:
(4) Friendly Monsters, (4) Double Events
+ Top Magic Potential
+ Top Magic Resistance
- Low Phys. Defense
- Lowest Phys. Attack
- No Spells on its Own
- Cannot Equip Weapons, Armor

Current Eidolons: Ifrit, Shiva, Odin, Ramuh, Hades, Knights of the Round, Carbuncle

InitialSummoning Lv1Store three Eidolons
One MonthFriendshipIncreases power with each repeated summon
Two MonthsMagic FieldGrants magical attributes to user's weapon
Three MonthsSummoning Lv2Store five Eidolons
Four MonthsHalf MPCuts summoning and casting cooldown by half
Six MonthsSummoning Lv3Store seven Eidolons
Nine MonthsLast BreathAuto-summons an Eidolon upon death
One YearHigh SummonerSummon two Eidolons without interruption

BLACK MAGE: Nine Months

Starting Job: Sept. 5th, 2015
EXP Tracking:
(2) Friendly Monsters, (2) Double Events, (1) Triple Event
+ Powerful Magic
+ Second-highest Magic Resistance
+ Versatility
- Lowest Phys. Defense
- Low Phys. Attack
- Cannot Equip Armor
- Soloing is Dangerous/Difficult

InitialFire, Blizzard, Water, ThunderElemental attack spells (weak)
InitialFocusFocuses energy to cast stronger spells
One MonthAeroElemental attack spell (wind)
Two MonthsFira, Blizzara, Watera, ThundaraElemental attack spells (medium)
Three MonthsEarthquakeElemental attack spell (earth)
Four Months-Ja UnlockedAllow to cast spells onto multiple targets
Six MonthsFiraga, Blizzaga, Waterga, ThundagaElemental attack spells (strong)
Nine MonthsShadow FlareVery powerful elemental spell (dark)
One YearUltimaMost powerful attack spell (wide range)

DANCER: Nine Months

Gifted Job: Sep. 22nd, 2015
EXP Tracking:
(2) Months Start Bonus, (2) Double Events, (1) Triple Event
+ Great Phys. Potential
+ Excellent Evasion
- No Attacks on its Own
- Very Poor Defense
- Effects Only Last as the Dance Continues
- Equipping the job =/= Dancing Skill; Poor Dancing has No Effect

InitialVictory PoseRestores 1/5 of all allies' health after battle
One MonthSlow DanceReduces enemy's speed
Two MonthsPolkaPoisons the enemy
Three MonthsWaltzReduces an enemy's stats
Four MonthsForbidden DanceInflicts a random status ailment
Six MonthsDisillusionStacks the effects of two dances
Nine MonthsSoul MovesDoubles the effects of all dances
One YearNameless DanceCasts Poison, Blind, Silence, and Slow on All Enemies
??????Choreography of LifeA dance so beautiful, the dead are brought back to life
InitialWant to be CloseDraws attention of the enemy to self, chance of Charm
Three MonthsChanging SeasonsSkews ranged attacks' aim, or dissipates them entirely
Seven MonthsMass DestructionRenders all barriers on the field ineffective
One YearHeartful Cry ???


Acquired Job: November 7th, 2015
EXP Tracking:
(2) Friendly Monsters, (4) Double Events
+ Third-highest Magic Potential
+ Third-highest Magic Resistance
+ Super Effective Against Undead
+ Always Useful, Even Outside Combat
- Low Phys. Attack
- Low Phys. Defense
- Cannot Equip Armor

InitialCureHeals minor wounds
InitialEsunaCures status ailments
One MonthProtect, ShellImproves an ally's resistance to physical/magical attacks
Two MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds
Three MonthsPrayerLessens exhaustion for nearby allies + a random buff each
Four MonthsDivine CaressGrants resistance to status ailments for five minutes
Six MonthsCuragaHeals major wounds
Nine MonthsHolyVery powerful elemental attack spell (light)
One YearLifeRevives a character who died less than five minutes ago


Unlocked Job: March 1st, 2016
~ No Stat Increases or Decreases by Default
+ Powerful Once Customized
+ Only takes one Job slot
- Useless until 8 Jobs are mastered
- Takes a lot of investment to make the most of it

One Maxed JobJob MasterExpands the Job limit from five to ten
Three Maxed JobsMulti ExpStored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped
Five Maxed JobsEquipment LoreCan equip and use the weapons of any mastered Job
Seven Maxed JobsDouble ExpDoubles the exp obtained from Multi Exp
Eight Maxed JobsStats TransferTakes on the stats, strengths, and weaknesses of three Jobs
Nine Maxed JobsTen SkillsAllows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs
Ten Maxed JobsMelodies of LifeAwakens the true power of the Heroes of Light

Code by [community profile] bannertech.
Skill Pixels by [ profile] 7Soul1.
Job Pixels from FF Wiki.
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[community profile] melodiesoflife info post

Name: Minato Arisato
Age: 16 (kinda) 17
Gender: Male
Canon: Persona 3
Canon Point: October 7th, 2009
Link to Application: BUUUURN MY BREAAAD
Gil: ~110000 Gils
mp3 player, Minato's Crystal, Kharon's Flute, House Key, HP/SP Potions, Evoker Gun
Home Inventory:
Gekkoukan Uniform, SEES Armband, Warning Card, Dessert Recipe Notebook, Eidolon History Book, Cozy Blanket, Small Kitten Plushie, Hot Chocolate Mixes, Letter from The Queen, Crystal Energy:Electricity Converter

Moogle Name: Kharon
Moogle Gender: Male

A nervous, but thoughtful Moogle with a fluffy face and large, pointed ears. Somewhat clumsy with his words. He read Minato's file up to the end, altering his treatment of him to be more considerate of why he's the way he is. For the most part, the reason Minato went out while he was new to Crystallis was because Kharon forces him to not always stay at home. Their relationship is practically that of someone trying to look out for an elusive stray cat--and the cat is Minato.

Jobs: White Mage, Summoner (as of Feb. 8th, '16)
Limit Break: Messiah - Using his evoker, a sharp sensation and sound pierces through the side of his head when he pulls the trigger. Then, a tall white spirit manifests from the shining shards of Minato's psyche. (Note: He regained his evoker, but previously could use his Limit Break even without it.)
- Dead party members are resurrected into a critical state w/o exhaustion, and it heals Minato himself to half HP with a Sentinel effect. For the next 7 minutes, attacks targeted at other allies will feel painless and hurt Minato instead (also shown by deterioration and cracking of stone on the statue-like spirit figure, group damage will stack); and if he dies, the crumbled remains of Messiah become an outer Reflect barrier, and an inner Shell+Protect buff on each of his allies.
- If no one is dead or Minato is alone, it instead does a high amount of Holy magic damage to all enemies, then disappears.

Link to HMD: Here
Permission List:
backtagging/threadhopping: yEA
fourthwalling: Go ahead! Ideally not the stuff that is super plot sensitive tho.
hugging/kissing/flirting - If you want him to "????" SURE... also he's bi so gender isn't an issue in romantic context.
fighting/injuring/killing - Preferably with discussion first! Probably fair game.


His crystal's appearance is shaped like a butterfly! It has recently become entirely blue, due to his active participation in Crystallis' events.

Arrival Date: Sept. 5th, 2015
# of Jobs Kept: 4
# of Times Died: 0
Current Employment: Healer (next paycheck: 29,000G)
Current Address: B-06
Housemates: Dark Angel Selen, Scrooge McDuck
EXP Orb Saved Months: n/a (not owned)
Guild: n/a

Detailed Job Breakdown: Go here! (Last updated: Feb. EXP)
Character Relationships: And Social Links

Game History:
September 2015
- Arrived in Crystallis, hesitant about serving as a Hero, spent his first weeks lazily and mostly at home.
- Mid-September, Jessie's possession of in-depth character files was revealed. Minato later locks his at Kharon's prompting, though he never reads it.
- Was aware of the repeated ten hours of time looping, following an incident with Jessie's computer.

October 2015
- Actively goes around collecting Spirits' requests and fulfilling them; later on does ghostbusting on the side as well.
- Has an adventure in a Haunted House; and following that celebrated in his own way by buying a lot of food in Flence.
- Confronted a Shifter that took his mother's face and voice and faced off against Cursed Elizabeth during the Night of the Thirteen Moogles.

November 2015
- Helped around the hospital actively throughout November, following the Night of the Thirteen Moogles. Later becomes official.
- Discovered he's terrified of Chocobos. No, really.
- Boarded the Enterprise, for the first journey into the Continent of Ruin and spoke with the Sage, learning death here may destroy their own world.

December 2015
- Participated in the efforts to make the Christmas Village flourish.
- Received a letter and package from Queen Sarah, his contained his evoker gun. He also regained his SEES armband from Cid.
- On New Year, came to properly appreciate the bonds he's made in Crystallis--his friends; and resolves to keep fighting even if the future is uncertain.

January 2016
- Experienced a shared dream, of a timeline where the Heroes fell apart and began fighting each other.
- Babysat a Chocobo during the latter half of the month.
- Started formulating plans to learn the Eidolons' language, doing research on the side.

February & March 2016
- Took part in the quest to climb to the top of the Mysidian Tower.
- Met the avatar Prajapati with several other Heroes of Light after her invitation letter.
- Did work as usual at the hospital, and fell ill a few times more than usual. 
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[community profile] melodiesoflife app

Name: Eli
Age: 18+
Personal Journal: [personal profile] 173s
Contact: [ profile] 173ELI
Other In-Game Characters: N/A

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Minato Arisato (Protagonist)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Canon: Persona 3 - mostly core game interpretation, while adapting bits of his other incarnations
Canon Point: After the awakening of Orpheus 
New Canonpoint: December 31st, after Ryoji leaves the dorm
History: P3 on the MegaTen wiki

Run to the sunlight )
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2015-08-21 09:49 pm
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personal notes

canon review:
game script + full video
social link script + full video
the answer script + full video
drama cd translations + subbed vids
p3 world q&a part 1 part 2

p3 themed nav
p3 themed cr chart
pq stats ref
persona q introduction
arcana keywords, for cr
p3 cast honorifics in original (hc minato refers to himself as "boku", like in manga/pq/drama cd)
pq lines (incomplete)
tartarus theatre, tartarus theatre alt

status rankings:
academics: slacker, average, above average, smart, intelligent, genius
courage: timid, ordinary, determined, tough, fearless, badass
charm: plain, unpolished, confident, smooth, popular, charismatic

culture club options: art, music, photography
sports club options: kendo, track, swim team
other clubs: student council, home economics/sewing club
part-time jobs: accessory store clerk, spa clerk, café waiter, cinema cleanup
italicized are assumed as what were chosen!

minato's hobbies:
general - listening to music, photography, sewing, making desserts, being there for people
eateries - ramen shop, beef bowls, burgers/fast food, café patron, takoyaki stand, sweets store (jfc kid)
around the city - bookstore or library browsing/reading, watching movies, karaoke, spa, arcade gaming

honorific/name usage review:

age groupmalefemale
older teens-san/-senpai-san/-senpai
same age-kun/(none)-san
Minato normally defaults to last name basis for those he doesn't know well, but in RP games, after a couple corrections, has switched to trying first names on the on-set. But for adults with formal impressions, and other Japanese characters he may still stick with last name, until being prompted otherwise!
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2010-01-31 03:30 pm
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just for fun!

Honorifics, canon hobbies/club and such have their own post!

  • His nickname in the Drama CD, to forego use of an actual name for him is "Leader", for obvious enough reasons! And the Japanese fandom sometimes calls him Kitaro, after a classic manga's demon boy hero that features him alongside fellow youkai.
  • He is voiced by Ishida Akira, and in the musical live is played by Aoi Shouta. Both voices are great for him, so I like and accept both! In general, his voice is airy, quiet, soft, doesn't show a lot of emotion, and his manner of speaking is always brief. But once in a blue moon, if caught off-guard he might yelp. Adopting Aoi's voice for his singing, it also gives him an impressive range to reach high notes.
  • Standing around 5'6" (167cm tops in my headcanon), Minato isn't particularly short in the standards for a Japanese person, but is still the smallest and scrawniest of the males in S.E.E.S., discounting Ken who is still a kid. He slouches, which would probably make him appear even smaller. The PQ manga seems to also shrink him sometimes, so who even knows, really??? We have a small (ha) semblance of a canon height via the PQ visual guide!
  • His frame is thin, and people have often commented it looks unhealthy sometimes (this despite, he can eat like a champion if allowed to indulge). He has very fair skin, sickly pale on his worse days. Doesn't seem like eating helps his skin get more color...
  • Minato's immune system is kinda terrible, and he gets sick several times over the course of the game. It's been this way since he was younger, and back then he used it as an excuse to get out of doing things a lot of the time sometimes. He only starts considering it a genuine hassle once he's more actively doing things; and he never wants to be ill enough to go to the hospital, due to its reminding him of not so pleasant memories.
  • He has been described as pretty, and androgynous, contributed by his lithe frame, eyelashes being very long, and that his hands look somewhat thin and delicate. He doesn't seem to mind it very much (seeing as he gets no reaction prompts regarding his appearance, positive or negative). Many characters consider him good-looking in-universe, with several mentions of it even by NPC's that don't speak to him, and a Social Link Tanaka tells him he'd make an attractive model.
  • The long bangs of his blue hair covers the right side of his face; often obscuring his right eye. While unclear in how official it is due to its absence in latter games, some say he has a beauty mark below it, most commonly done in the Japanese fandom. But it's cute and mirrors a certain spoiler character, so why not. (And placement there usually means "destined to cry", and given P3...) His eyes are big and bluish-gray; I tend to interpret/write it as gray more, it's super inconsistent in even official art alas. Usually they are half-opened when he's feeling sleepy.
  • In Persona Q, there's a short gag about how Yosuke and Souji think his right eye contains special powers and it's why he keeps it hidden--if you're controlling Minato, even he can joke about it!
  • Seen here: Soejima in his book Persona 3: Official Design Works described trying to make him as neutral as possible so players could better project themselves onto him, in the end, he calls Minato "not particularly tall, and giving an impression of an ordinary person, but with a hidden coolness". The ordinary part is likely lost, as you build up his personality traits more...
  • According to Elizabeth, he was able to keep up consistent eating with her for seven meals before feeling sick by the eighth. The Gourmet King also mentions he's able to maintain pace with him. It seems like he can usually control his appetite, but if he's allowed to let loose he's kind of a monster!
  • Minato's fondness for sleeping and eating is kept in Persona Q; they're common answer options when asked about what he wants to do or what he's thinking about. Both of these habits were probably caused by a certain unhealthy thing that was with him for a long time...
  • His hands are soft, though also deathly cold--so they aren't the nicest to hold.
  • While most his casual attire gives the impression of not needing a lot of effort, he's fashion-conscious enough to be orderly and tie or button things perfectly. He would, for example, fix his ribbon immediately if it became asymmetrical.

  • His family was fairly well-off. You can tell from how in the flashback scene, his clothes were still fancy. At some point a couple of the relatives he had cheated him out of his inheritance, and his most recent former guardians don't even send him allowance, but he doesn't really care. He's happy enough with his mp3 player and earphones, from one that he actually got along with.
  • Appearance and personality-wise, he takes after his mother, though he doesn't remember being very close to either parent. What he remembers most was wanting to make them proud, back then. Over the years of suffocating pity that he didn't care for from strangers, he warped his perception ultimately not caring they're gone, or wonder about pointless daydreams of "if only" they survived--even if he knows it's not fair of him to think that; and that he's probably not recalling their relationship correctly anymore. He pays his respects again in quiet remembrance, following reflection on what the rest of SEES has gone through.
  • He wasn't necessarily assertive before either, but Minato was more eager to get into things after encouragement, and to encourage others in return. He was shy, and unsure of himself a lot. After the tragedy, he was no longer afraid of things, but also everything seemed without meaning, and without direction. This outlook develops that living in itself was troublesome, and he wouldn't care what happened to him, at that point. It seemed he also lost his kindness, though he later finds it again. It becomes apparent he can't ignore suffering if it's happening right in front of him.
  • Nobody thought to really further teach him manners or push him to try harder again (even in his slouch, or sleeping), be they his caretakers or teachers, out of consideration of his background, or frustration with his difficult-to-deal-with personality, etc. Despite this, he's actually fairly good at listening to orders when not being actively stubborn, as he'd rather not cause trouble.
  • Fully aware of how hard social interactions are for him, he kept up shutting everyone out without minding it until P3's events occur, and he begins to go as far as even seeking people out when he felt they needed the company. He had no people he would necessarily call friends, before then.

  • In the manga evaluation, early canon Minato can be considered "zombie-like", but later canon Minato has a distant, but admirable and undoubtedly kind aura. Either way, it's still hard to see what's in his inner world, but he relates to people easier.
  • Minato probably tries to blend in the background more than anything despite working hard, but that he ends up pretty popular is an unfortunate side-effect in the end. Junpei is pretty upset both his best friends are like this, with one being enthusiastic and succeeding at flirting around and Minato is neither trying nor cares.
  • Persona Q assumes he hasn't been dating anyone, on top of his love obliviousness in pretty much all P3 adaptations (manga, movie, stageplay, drama CD), and so that's what I'm doing.
  • He can love someone regardless of their gender, but actually getting him to the level of genuine romance is already an obstacle on its own--because personally, I never really felt more than he wanted to make the other party happy in his in-game dating, and that he was incapable of loving them in return as much as they loved him. More like, he got caught into these situations, and found himself unable to reject their advances, he only hoped he would come to feel the same way. At the very least... he tried, though that might have hurt them more later on. Maybe he'll have better luck with his love life in an RP game someday, where he won't be trapped without friendship options smh.
  • He is versatile and a fast learner, it seems his truest flaw early on preventing him from accomplishing a lot was his laziness and inability to care. It leads to this somewhat funny situation, that Minato's later developed flaw is the polar opposite: overexertion to the point of not telling anybody else, even after he's burnt out.
  • Confirmed in the drama CD's, he's very observant of people's conditions, and it helps him be effective in knowing when SEES should stop their Tartarus climbs for the night, even when they haven't outright admitted they were already feeling unwell. Hidetoshi also notes his attention to detail, though Minato doesn't really think of it as a big deal. This also means photography club with Keisuke rather suits him, and he could do it well enough as a hobby. (Photography club, incidentally, is likely Keisuke's canonical one due to his continuing to be its president in Hamuko's route.)
  • As for music club, he knows at least the basics to play violin; it's noted that none in their orchestra are particularly skilled, though they have fun. Related to his family background headcanon, I imagine it was muscle memory from violin lessons way back, rather than starting anew, but he hasn't played in a long time since his parents' passing.
  • Someone had taught him some dessert recipes in the past, and he has great cooking instincts, even if not on Shinji's level. Most of the time however he can't be bothered and would just eat out, so he only really does does cooking on whims.

ENDGAME / POST-GAME (heavy spoilers and thus all whited out, highlight to read)
  • Messiah is regarded as his canonical ultimate Persona, and is fused from Orpheus and Thanatos. In its own way, it's as if Ryoji is still able to fight the End with him, alongside his other friends.
  • The Universe arcana that he holds the power of doesn't take an actual card's design, it is only portrayed as a shining light. For one, I believe his subsequent power to become The Great Seal is not based on only his own soul, but by the strength of the bonds that he had with others.
  • On technicality, The Answer says he passes away in the dorms the next day March 6th, and not on March 5th, 2010; though he never woke up from falling asleep on the rooftop. They couldn't find anything wrong with him at the hospital, leading to the emptiness of the team by the time of The Answer, not knowing why he died. It is essentially an epilogue plot for them come to terms with what happened and understanding his sacrifice.
  • They left his room alone, and his evoker was kept with Aigis for safekeeping. As time cracked, it would serve as a gateway to the past, should they want to reverse time to before Nyx and try change his fate.
  • A form that takes his shape appears as the manifestation of the team's regrets, that they couldn't save him. It has no voice, except for the cry when felled--before ironically, smiling before it comes undone layer by layer.
  • Elizabeth is searching for a way to save his soul, although her journey as of yet has no leads. (Personally, I am okay if she never does find a way--Persona 3 being about death, and for Minato to have been satisfied with how he lived his life... he loved it, by the end; after spending most of his life not caring, he learned to. That is enough. He was happy.)


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above average
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rate your character's abilities in…

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Ratings, provided with HTML, can be found here. Adapted from here.
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"There you are pretending you don't have feelings...! You know, I really can't read your mind kupo! So please make my life a bit easier, kupo..."

The Mognet Moogle companion that was paired with Minato when he arrived in Crystallis; he is constantly pessimistic and worried about things going awry, and in his attempts to be reassuring sometimes fumbles and makes things sound even worse... Minato isn't sure what to think of him, and rather than being cited as one of the (many) causes of his stress, he'd prefer they let each other be.




Kharon recently poked around Jessie's files and stumbled across some information for Minato that made him clam up in his presence, looking even more glum than he usually is. But one thing is certain: even more than ever, Kharon would not take looking after his boy only as a mere assignment, and he doesn't care if the sentiment is as of yet unappreciated.




"This is no time for napping, you have all the time in the universe later for that."

Someone that he recognizes as the attendant of the bald long-nosed man, in the blue elevator with the winding clock. And so... a place between dreams and reality was also subject to the calling of this one for Heroes? Upon waking up, she asked what he last remembered, and informed him that he was still at the start of his journey, while she was on hers after his own had finished.

Because of the gap in memories they'd have of each other, Minato isn't sure what level of familiarity would be appropriate when he addresses her. But hopefully, it's only weird on his end. The Elizabeth in Crystal Stasis attacked him during the Night of the Thireen Moogles, using the might of her Persona powers, and he was very nearly killed, only saved by miraculous luck and some drastic actions. Minato checks up on her in the hospital now and then, despite not knowing how exactly they were connected more than her being his attendant in the Velvet Room.




"What would you like to eat? There isn't a point to let new Heroes starve out here."

A housemate. They first met the very same day he arrived in Crystallis, and she treated him to food! Which automatically made her cool in his books. Later he found out they'll be under the same roof. Initially, she seemed to be the only adult in it he trusts to keep the harmony. Thank goodness Selen lives here.

Oftentimes, they cook or do the chores together in a comfortable silence, and also worked on clearing the house of ghosts too, over October.




A housemate.

The initial "a duck??" reactions faded rather quickly, to be overwritten by his frankly admirable obsession with making money. Having such a solid goal is admirable in its own right, isn't it?

Teamed up in exploration of a haunted mansion.




"Morning. Baking for someone special?"

A housemate.

Zelos is Minato's roommate too, at that. They had many one-sided conversations. Many prospective hours of sleep were lost. rip minato. Zelos has since fallen into stasis, and now the silence that fills the room... makes Minato uneasy and feels unwelcome. Hopefully Zelos would be okay. In the meanwhile, he's elected to leave his things alone until another Hero might come to occupy it.




Ace is someone who Minato is continually baffled with, due to his consistent presence in his life in Crystallis, even visiting him at work. Ace always seems to be a thoughtful type, and Minato had often wondered why he was willingly wasting his time in his company when he was still mostly unfeeling. Minato had relatively quickly come to terms with the fact he can't seem to shake him off, and has even invited him to outings himself in this new quest known as "Friendship".

As little as he understands Ace, it's true that he likes him a lot.




"Stay with a group, boy. Don't get unlucky."

A confident, gruff man whose name he hasn't caught. He seems to get down to business fast, and Minato has no argument with that.




a girl who didn't try the food in flence!!!!!! what is this willpower




Someone he knows from work. Billy is a competent boy not much older than him, and Minato sometimes feels like he might be even more snippy than himself, so he's careful to maintain that respect and not get on his bad side. Despite first impressions, Minato can tell he's a caring person. They exchanged gifts during Christmas, but unfortunately by January, Billy also fell into stasis before Minato was able to get to know him better.




"If it happened before, something like it will happen again."

A Hero who was cursed during the second Night of the Thirteen, and unfortunately, remembered the events when he woke up.




"If I didn't I wouldn't do it. Seems logical like that, right?"

A kind man who treated him to food, when he was hungry. Being as directionless as he is, Minato admires he's pretty happy and made a career out of doing something he enjoyed. It may have sounded small to Fai, but that's how he feels.




"Isn't that a great story? I haven't been this revved up since I arrived on this weird world, but it seems no story seems to make you feel anything. What's wrong with you?"

Meeting Graham after he had shown a small gang of thieves what for, Minato on first impression thought he was pretty cool, but that feeling disappeared almost immediately as soon as the stranger started talking his ears off. Minato guesses he has to try avoid him in the future...




"You too, huh?"

Another poor sap suckered by their Moogle into a newbie welcoming house party. It was always nice to have people to commiserate with!




"Now, you didn't sleep through the explanations, did you?"

he sneezed on his moogle sorry rosepuff




"But what is there to reach for, if you do not hope?"

A monk he met during the timeloops, looking nostalgic about something. They briefly talked about things that were familiar, and things that weren't, as compared to their respective homes.

Teamed up in exploration of a haunted mansion. She also called him a friend once... he's not sure how he feels about it.




"Yeah? Good. Someone shows up and tells you to die, you shouldn't just lie down for the bullet. All these giddy champion of justice types were getting on my last nerves."

Of all the first impressions he could have, it was her getting into an argument with her Moogle... but he really wasn't any better. They both shared the sentiment of being unwilling to work to save this world, but Minato's changed since then.




"It's a lot to take in, I know... but at least none of us have to do it alone."

A passionate teenage girl who he probably kind of got on the wrong foot with at first with his... lack of really wanting to do anything, when he was convinced they picked out someone without Hero potential at all. There don't seem to be hard feelings, she's helping out with the troubled spirits.

He even got something of an open invite to her guild, Fairy Tail, but Minato's not about to admit so easily how much he likes helping people who can't help themselves.




"I'm sorry, but you needed to wake up. You were worrying your companion, and there are things we need to talk with you about."

and then minato got a bucket of water poured onto him




Party hostess, who seems very... very upbeat. Nice enough, but Minato's worried if he can keep up with those energy levels. Seems to share his fondness of naptime, and the sentiment of being ordered around by their Moogles now and then.




personal space!!!!




A smallish reaper that he befriended. Rukia is a very devoted worker, and she checks up on him now and then. Of all the things he expected his nonchalance to affect, he wasn't anticipating someone to want to even more closely look after him.

Kharon had accidentally slipped out some of the thing he had heard from her file via other Moogles, and Minato confessed to her about it eventually, during the time loop. She wasn't upset by it in the slightest, but Minato finds this whole backstory learning to be weirdly out of order from normal relationships (--then again, their situation isn't normal at all). She accepted him for who he was, and didn't think his lack of stronger emotions was him being broken; Minato hadn't realized how long he had needed to hear that. He values Rukia as a person, so hopes she only has the best as she continues to take things head on with enthusiasm.




doesn't really know him know him yet tbh but his hair is fabulous




A pretty cool adult who introduced him not only to life in Crystallis, but also demonstrated to him how jobs work. He seems to be from another planet...? Or at least, was on Mars at some point. Huh. During the Night of the Thirteen Moogles, he and some others assisted in closing in the Cursed Heroes, and later evacuation. Minato appreciated his calm, even as things had gotten hectic.




Despite an awkward first meeting, Tear watches over him, so he's feeling this weird obligation to look after her back--though she seems to be able to mostly take care of herself just fine. Minato has learned that she works for the military, and has even back in her own homeworld. It makes sense, and it lines up with her responsible, disciplined attitude.

They teamed up in exploration of a haunted mansion during October; and in an encounter with a Doll Ghost her hair was cut, but she thankfully didn't suffer other injuries. Minato still felt guilt for letting it happen however. A month later, he checks up on her aboard the Enterprise, and there they might have gotten a bit closer. ... It's too bad it had to be through singing an embarrassing song, first.




A kindhearted older girl, who gave him a flower when he was looking out at the sight of Aqures Ixen being rebuilt. He visits her at work a few times and listens to her talk about flowers. In October, she also helped out with the Spirits. Sometimes Minato wonders if she's even less socially experienced than he is, but with a better outlook. Terra seems to be one person he can't really bring up pretenses to, for some strange guilt into being a good example for someone who's only been patient with him.

Persona 3 inspired CR Codechart created by [community profile] pixle_squared. Icons made by [personal profile] twilitfall
RANK LEGEND : 1 - Acquainted, 2 - Pleasant Company, 3 - Enjoyable Company, 4 - Friend, 5 - Good Friend,
6 - Trusted Friend, 7 - Depend on Each Other, 8 - Secret Keeper, 9 - Best Friend, MAX - Unbreakable Bond
NEGATIVE: Reverse - Distrust/Severe Argument, Broken/Inactive - Irreparable Relationship/In Crystal Stasis

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